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  • Developer: Bohemia Interactive
  • Genre: Survival
  • Version: 1.15
User Rating: Rating 4.33

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Bohemia Interactive
Bohemia Interactive
Windows PC


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Zoey Morris

To start with, DayZ is a survival video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. It is available for the PC and Mac. The player starts off in a random place on an island with only some clothes and a flashlight. Start exploring the island for food and supplies. You need to find a weapon and a place to sleep. Avoid dying at night because you are vulnerable to zombies. Install the game on Windows computer or play DayZ on Xbox One.

It’s a lot like other survival games but it is a lot more realistic. The player has a hunger and thirst meter that they need to keep in mind. You can find cans of food and bottles of water to replenish those meters. Keep an eye on their temperature and their fatigue.

The player can find clothing, weapons, and other supplies to keep them going. You can also find vehicles and ride them around the island. To enjoy playing, do DayZ game download for PC. The player must keep an eye on their health because if you don't get any medical supplies, the player will die. Find medical supplies but they are rare. The player can go to other players and trade with them or even try to steal from them. Team up with other players to survive.


It’s a video game that is a survival horror with RPG elements. After free DayZ download and installation, the player is dropped into the world with limited equipment and must explore the land while avoiding the enemy zombies. There are many things that the player can do such as stealing things from houses, exploring farms, hunting, and even entering cars to find supplies. The player can also use weapons such as guns, knives, and other melee weapons. The player needs to find more weapons and food in order to survive. There are also zombies that are trying to kill the player. It has many different stages, but the player can't go back to the previous stage. It’s open world, where the player can travel wherever they want.


The graphics in DayZ PC game are fairly simple. It has a lot of blood, which stains the clothes and the environment. There are some guns and other weapons, but it doesn't have many weapons and is set in an environment without many weapons.


Play DayZ online for free on the easiest level is more about exploration, its play is not difficult to do on this level but it is more about the story and the environment that it creates. The more difficult levels are more about survival, it isn't about the story or exploration anymore but about the player's ability to fend for themselves. It provides a lot of replayability because there are many different levels of difficulty to play at and the game is constantly being updated with new content to explore.


  • What is DayZ about?
    It's a harsh, unforgiving, and realistic survival horror game. It’s about how quickly your life can go from fighting for your life to fighting for your sanity. And about how society rebuilds itself when there’s nothing left to do but wait and hope.
  • How do I get started?
    You will need to start by creating a character to play as. Character Creation will explain everything you need to do to create your character and their back story. Once your character is created, you will need to find a server to play on and find a spot to call home. When you play DayZ on Android, the gameplay is the same.
  • What are the key features of this game?
    It’s played on an open world map, and the player can see as far as the draw distance allows. There are many buildings that can be explored. It offers a multiplayer mode.
  • Can I get DayZ free download Windows 10?
    Yes, you can download and install it on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and other popular platforms.


DayZ is an online multiplayer survival zombie video game, created by Czech developer Bohemia Interactive. It places the player in the fictional post-soviet country of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into zombies. Play DayZ on Mac, Windows, and PS4. As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for supplies such as food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding both zombies and other players. The game was originally a mod for ArmA II, which was later released as a standalone game in 2013.


  • Constant changes make the gameplay feel fresh
  • It’s not balanced which makes it more thrilling
  • It’s not scripted which makes it more unpredictable
  • Play DayZ on PS4, Windows and other platforms for free.
  • Features a huge map that has plenty of places to explore
  • You can scavenge for supplies and use what you find to create items


  • It was made for PC and it requires at least 1 GB of RAM and a decent graphics card.
  • It doesn't have a campaign mode.
  • It has a lack of weapons.

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