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DayZ Tips

DayZ Tips

DayZ is a military-themed zombie survival video game by Bohemia Interactive. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2012, and later for OS X and Linux in 2013. This game has the player take on a set of survival tasks to build the character's attributes and skills. Players are given the opportunity to explore the 225 square kilometers of a post-Soviet state, using the game's non-linear gameplay.

DayZ Gameplay Tips:

The player is tasked with gathering food and water, exploring, and finding more equipment.
The game is divided into two phases: during the day, the player must find food, water, weapons and medical supplies to survive.
At night, the player must find shelter or face the dangers of the night (the player can only carry one weapon, and must either find or build a shelter for the night).

How to Succeed In DayZ:

-Aim for the head
-Avoid players that are armed with a gun
-Keep your gear as light as possible
-Keep your supplies in a bag
-Stay in open areas
-Avoid going in dark spaces
-Don't play alone
-Stay in groups
-Find a base
-Get food
-Loot and find weapons
-Stay away from zombies
-Find a good hiding spot
-Be careful of other players

03 Mar 2022